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Satya incense are handmade by artisans in India
10-12 sticks in each pack

Your environment is an extension of your energetic field, which gets build up of negative debris just like your body, It’s important to cleanse your space with energy cleansing tools, such as incense among other things

Incense combines the practical with the spiritual. It is able to deliver disinfectant benefits. Incense can be used for room air freshening as an alternative to chemical air fresheners, or as a mood-enhancing background fragrance, or as a meditation aid.

Frankincense - Spicy rich scent, known to decrease mental anxiety and cleansing one’s aura & protects the user from negativity and improve relationships.

White Sage - Woody scent, helps rejuvenate the body and cleanses the spirit and energy of the space.

Myrrh - Earthy Scent, for purification, meditation and protecting oneself from evil. The gum resin from the Commiphora tree is one of the most popular scents in aromatherapy.

Palo Santo - Sweet scent, that aids inner balance, and also acts as an effective natural repellent & is great during a massage owing to its calming effect.

Meditation - A calming scent, which helps alleviate stress, tension, and anxiety and develop mental strength. Use it to attain deep states of relaxation and compassion.

Positive Vibes - Floral Scent, which helps in creating a positive outlook through the day. This blend is perfect to use on a bad day or to begin one’s day by inviting the universe to send you good vibes.

Karma - Soothing & exotic scent, This blend is known to help settle the mind, body and spirit, it refreshes your aura which promotes positive thought and action.

Dragons Blood - A natural grounding scent,
known to protect one’s aura and home from any external attack, thus energizing the spiritual consciousness.

  • White Sage
    12 in stock
  • Frankincense
    4 in stock
  • Myrrh
    9 in stock
  • Palo Santo
    12 in stock
  • Meditation
    12 in stock
  • Divine Blessings
    12 in stock
  • Positive Vibes
    10 in stock
  • Karma
    11 in stock
  • Seven Chakra
    1 in stock
  • Dragons Blood
    12 in stock